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Sinus Lift/ Sinus Augmentation

An adequate thickness of healthy bone is one of the most important keys to success for a dental implant. A dental implant can only be anchored and secure when its post is completely surrounded on all sides by dense bone. For an implant that must be placed in the upper jaw near the sinus cavities, this can be challenging.


What is a Sinus Lift?

Since the sinus cavities are essentially empty spaces just above the roots of the upper molars, the quality of the bone is often insufficient for the support of an implant.  A sinus lift is a surgical procedure which can be used to effectively augment or improve the quality of the bone that is adjacent to the sinus cavities in preparation for one or more dental implants in the upper jaw. 


Understanding the Sinus Lift Procedure

Local anesthetics and sedatives will be administered to ensure your complete comfort prior to the start of the surgical procedure. Your medical history will be thoroughly reviewed to verify that these choices are appropriate for you. 
Next, the replacement bone will be prepared for placement. The bone may be harvested from your own body, it may be donor bone from an outside source, or synthetic bone may be recommended. To place the bone, a small incision will be made just above the missing tooth and the thin membrane that lines the sinus cavity will be carefully lifted. The new bone will be placed in that location, and the surgical site will be closed with sutures.  With proper healing, the additional bone will become integrated with the existing bone in just a few months.  The result is a thicker and healthier wall of bone that will protect the dental implant and prevent it from protruding into the sinus cavity. 


Could You Benefit From a Sinus Lift?

If you desire to replace a missing tooth in the upper jaw, a sinus lift can greatly improve the success of your dental implant. For a detailed analysis and a clinical consultation, please contact our office today for an appointment. 

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