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Sedation Options

Gearing yourself up for a dental procedure can sometimes feel like an incredible feat. If you suffer from anxiety and apprehension related to dental treatment, the physical and emotional strain can feel overwhelming. We understand that dental phobias can range from very mild to extremely severe. Some patients are inclined to feel fidgety and tense during their time in the dental office, and others are unable to overcome their fears, choosing to completely avoid necessary dental care. To soothe your fears and enable you to cope with your dental visits, we are pleased to offer a number of sedation dentistry options.


Intravenous Sedation

Intravenous sedation is ideal for extremely nervous patients who would prefer to sleep through the dental procedure. Under the influence of IV medications, there will be no memory of the sounds and sensations related to the procedure. This form of sedation is also perfect when it is necessary to complete an extensive amount of dental treatment in one visit.


Oral Sedation

Oral medications can be used to relieve your anxiety and stress prior to the start of your dental procedure. Oral medications may be taken one hour before your scheduled appointment and the dosage can be adjusted to maintain a comfortable level of relaxation throughout your procedure. Under the influence of oral medication you should feel relaxed, comfortable, and sleepy. You will still maintain the ability to breathe, speak, and respond during the visit although many patients are only vaguely aware of their surroundings.


Nitrous Oxide

Commonly known as Laughing Gas, nitrous oxide is an inhaled sedative that can safely ease feelings of nervousness and anxiety. The level of sedation can be easily controlled to ensure that you feel relaxed enough to rest during the dental procedure. Nitrous oxide induces a carefree and euphoric feeling without sleepiness or grogginess. This form of sedation is safe for children and adults and can be administered in conjunction with other forms of sedation.


Overcoming Your Fears

Fear and anxiety are common emotions in the dental office. By offering a full range of sedation dentistry options, our highly trained team is committed to helping you overcome those feelings while moving towards a healthier smile. If you have postponed your dental care due to your dental anxiety or you simply desire a more relaxing and comforting dental experience, please contact our office today to learn more about incorporating sedation dentistry into your next visit!

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