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Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening is a procedure designed to expose more tooth structure.There are different indications for crown lengthening.The procedure is often requested by your dentist in order to place a new cap or crown on a tooth.If a tooth has a deep cavity or fracture that has gone beyond the gum line, then there may not be enough tooth structure to attach the new crown.In this case, a small amount of gum tissue and jaw bone is removed exposing more underlying tooth structure.This gives a stronger foundation to support the new crown.In general, the gum tissue is allowed to heal for several weeks after the procedure before the final crown is made.


Another indication for the procedure is to improve the appearance of the teeth.  This procedure is often referred to as “esthetic crown lengthening.”  Short front teeth or a “gummy smile” are a common concern for dental patients.  There are several causes of this condition and many of them can be addressed with esthetic crown lengthening.  This procedure can quickly and dramatically improve the appearance of a patients smile by lengthening the front teeth.  Sometimes, there is no need for additional crowns or restorations.  However, the procedure is also routinely performed in conjunction with new crowns, veneers or bonding to improve the final appearance of the smile.


The crown lengthening procedure is completed in our office either with local anesthesia or with one of our sedation options.  Contact our office to find out more about the procedure and to schedule an appointment.

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